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Affectional Glossy ! (Sneh Ki Snigdata)–Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


Whenever your mind gets dull, intellect starts to get vanished, chanting God name,chanting omkar,  connects you directly to the GURU or GOD,which  relaxes  your mind. You find peace of mind and get relieved.

The only resource to JOY is Chanting Gods name and spirituality. Untill and unless man practices chanting of Gods name,mind gets distracted, it gets assigned to disorders. Mind itself gets restive rather than external sources. Intellect itself creates unhappiness rather than external sources.


It gets purified through chanting Gods name or chanting omkar. Intellect increases and mind becomes subtle. Like two birds seating together may play with their mandibles, as soon they fly high in sky theres no fight, similarly the person with lower consciousness, get disturbed more, becomes unrest, unpleaseant, be consumed to Blame and Praise, ultimately unhappy. But as you uplift yourself to region of subtle mind, theres no Blame …

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