BE SAVIOR NOT EATER (bhakshak nahi, rakshak bano)———Prernamurti Bharti Shriji

good message

Prernamurti Bharti Shriji


Hindu God –Goddess have proved that both animals and humans are equally near and dear to them since both animals and humans reside in them.  God says – ‘I reside in all the animals.  All of them resemble me.’  There are a lot of good examples which prove it. One amongst them is of Lord Ganesh. The head of Lord Ganesh is of elephant and the rest of the body is of human.  Again Lord Narsingh, half body is of Lion and half is of human.  Same is true for God Varaha.  Apart from these, vehicle of Mata Durga – Tiger, The couch of God Narayan – Sheshanaga, vehicle of God Kartikeya – Peacock,  Lord Shiva is known by name Nagesh since he  wears a  snake around his neck,  again vehicle of Lord Shiva – Bull, vehicle of Lord Ganesh – Mouse , The whole word is aware of the…

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